Dessert Syrups

These syrups are really versatile, making a delicious accompaniment to ice cream, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit and a variety of other puddings as well as making the most amazing champagne cocktails or use proseco for an inexpensive alternative. They are great with vodka and cocktails in general.

Gourmet Ginger Syrup with Lemongrass (250ml)

For ginger lovers everywhere. Slosh it over sponge puddings or add it to whisky and hot water for a drink to cure all ills.

Gourmet Vanilla Syrup (250ml)

A real gem. Wonderful in porridge, rice pudding – no need to add sugar, and in desserts such as creme brulee and pannacota. Add it to coffee or create a sublime milk shake. So versatile, so delicious.

Gift Box of 2 mouth-watering flavours (2 x 250ml)

A delicious duo for friends, family … and yourself.