Mulling Syrups

A non alcoholic syrup containing a special blend of spices to provide a simple and convenient way to make the most delicious mulled wine, cider or apple juice. Being a sugar based product, it fully dissolves when heated and doesn’t leave any residue or powdery aftertaste, which can sometimes occur with sachet type alternatives.

Simply add to your chosen drink in an 8:1 ratio, heat and serve. For example, our 500ml bottle contains enough syrup to make a minimum of 6 bottles of wine but, of course, you can make up as much, or as little, as you like. Even after opening the product can be stored at ambient temperature for long periods of time

Although predominantly aimed at the Christmas/Winter market to provide that much needed ‘warm’ feeling during those long cold nights, the product also has a number of different uses for other times of the year. For example, a small amount of the syrup drizzled over a good quality vanilla ice cream produces a truly wonderful result.

Other uses include adding a small amount of syrup to fruit for pies and crumbles; poached peaches or pears, or even adding some to the Sunday roast gravy to enhance the overall flavour of the meal. It is also particularly good brushed over cocktail/barbecue sausages.

Our Mulled Cider Syrup is a newer addition to our popular mulling syrup range, created especially for the cider lovers amongst us. This is also a non-alcoholic syrup and contains a special blend of different spices more suited to the flavour of cider and apple juice. As with our mulling syrup, this can also be used to flavour various foods such as pork dishes, fruit pies and crumbles.

New for Christmas 2023 - Selsley Glühwein. Think of German Christmas Markets; think of the ski slopes and après ski; think no further than Selsley’s Glühwein syrup. Just add to red wine, heat and serve for a truly warming experience.